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After interesting times

July 22, 2006

The apocryphal Chinese curse has caught up with us, and we are living in interesting times. I earnestly hope that downright fascinating times are not next for us, though William Kristol and Newt Gingrich have begun lobbying openly for World War III to begin. They represent a large chunk of the thinking within the Administration, “thinking” conducted by two organs slightly forward from the epididymus, and may get their way.

Some parts of the planet have leapfrogged ahead of us, and are already in Bill And Newt’s Wonderful World of Fascination. The two of them are exhilarated by the same scenes, in Haifa and Beirut, which chill the rest of us. (I am reminded of the old Charles Addams cartoon of a darkened movie theater, its patrons frozen in various attitudes of shock, grief, and horror, while one fat fellow in the middle orchestra is laughing his head off.) Kristol’s little-boy grin was ingratiating once. Coupled with calls for a war that will, at a minimum, kill hundreds of thousands, it’s just creepy.

You can find photos of gore and broken bodies around the Net if you care to go looking for war porn; and video of the bodies being rapidly deposited into mass graves in Tyre. For me, these pictures of a broken Beirut and its stolid refugees suffice.
Ground zero #1
Ground zero #2
Terrorists using a school for cover
It’s all there. Just add a pinch of imagination. Add another pinch, and you’ll find the future the neocons are preparing for us all.


Catchup post

July 17, 2006

Some useful links, collected over recent days (or weeks):