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Hello World

March 31, 2006

Magnanimous despair alone
Could show me so divine a thing,

Where feeble hope could ne’er have flown,
But vainly flap’d its tinsel wing.

— Andrew Marvell

I tend to think of the world as a marvelous place, populated by billions of glasses, each of which is nine tenths empty. I toyed with naming the site “Pickle Lips Now”. But in the battle for a name, the thing with feathers won out over my sour puss.

Welcome to my obsessions: science, poetry, ecology, politics, theology natural and revealed, Lewis Carroll, Nabokov, the cultural detritus of the Sixties. Because the times are parlous, the political obsessions will likely predominate. Because my time is multitasked, posts will not likely appear daily. But time will tell.