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Ralston not so Purina

October 6, 2006

Susan Ralston, the long time Abramoff aide who became Karl Rove’s personal assistant, resigned, or more accurately was gently helped over the gunwales of the ship, just in time for the Friday night no-news-here cycle. It seems she had remained a little too embroiled for comfort with Mr. Black Fedora.

One can understand the impulse. It wouldn’t do for the visible ties between Abramoff and the Oval Office to be more than a few hundred times tighter than the “ties” between Saddam and Al Qaeda.

Ralston was Abramoff’s personal assistant until she moved over to Rove’s office in 2001. Abramoff reportedly bragged to others that Ralston was his “implant” at the White House.The White House announced an internal ethics investigation of Ralston after a Congressional report released last week showed extensive contacts between Ralston and Abramoff’s lobbying team. Among other things, the report showed that Ralston had accepted thousands of dollars in gifts from Abramoff without compensating him. White House ethics rules prevent employees from accepting gifts worth more than $20.

All the more important to lighten the Leakin’ Lena now, while the issue is merely “thousands of dollars in gifts”. Should the favors being traded – support for the forced sex and abortion operations Abramoff was seeking to protect in the Marianas – finally make it out of the blogosphere into the mainstream media, the chunk of Bush’s base that could drop off would rival Larsen B’s departure from Antarctica.

The time-honored principle here (as with Dennis Hastert’s recent manful promise to fire some of his staff members if it turns out he did anything wrong) is that turning your underlings into jetsam is a better deal than finding yourself turned into flotsam. But fellas, trust me: if the ship is well-holed, the principle no longer applies.