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Casey Jones, better watch your speed

April 21, 2006

The next misbegotten war is barreling down the track at us, full speed. The Iraq invasion will be to the Iran attack as foolish is to certifiable. Unfortunately, engineer Bush is pushing the throttle wide open.

Kevin Drum at Washington Monthly cites detailed chapter and verse showing how right Scott Ritter is in his claim that the Bush administration is running full tilt away from actual diplomacy over Iran’s nuclear program. For starters, he quotes Flynt Leverett, a former aide to Condoleeza Rice:

In the spring of 2003, shortly before I left government, the Iranian Foreign Ministry sent Washington a detailed proposal for comprehensive negotiations to resolve bilateral differences. The document acknowledged that Iran would have to address concerns about its weapons programs and support for anti-Israeli terrorist organizations. It was presented as having support from all major players in Iran’s power structure, including the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. A conversation I had shortly after leaving the government with a senior conservative Iranian official strongly suggested that this was the case. Unfortunately, the administration’s response was to complain that the Swiss diplomats who passed the document from Tehran to Washington were out of line.

Much more at the link.

Harry Reid, God bless him, has called on the Administration to enter into direct talks with Iran. It’s time for citizens to add our own voices. Loud enough to drown out the engineer’s jolly “Toot! Toot!”


Ritter: It’s the oil economy, stupid

April 20, 2006

Scott Ritter read Iraq right when everyone else, left right and center, was reading it wrong. Now he’s given a long interview to San Diego city beat. He explains how we can tell that “diplomacy” over Iran (and omigorsh, they’ve pressed none other than Ghorbanifar, the emperor of arms deal sleaze, into service to watch over the negotiations) is going to fail, and is designed to fail.

The flaming Barad-Durian eye of the administration has not turned toward Iran because of its nuclear program. If they’d been serious about weaning Teheran off nukes, they could have responded to any of several overtures in the last several years. No, the neocons want Iran to have a nuclear program, because it gives them the excuse to pursue their real goal: regime change.