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Prepping for Comey

May 2, 2007

I love maps, and so of course I love their temporal equivalent, timelines.

The incomparable Marcy Wheeler (aka emptywheel) has put up on firedoglake an extensive (but of course still very selective, this whole USA purgegate mess having more appendages than a nest of centipedes) timeline of purge history. It concentrates especially on how events fit in with the tenure of James Comey, who will be testifying tomorrow (Thursday).

If there weren’t such a thing as honest Republicans, even honest Republican political appointees, there never would have been a purge of US Attorneys. There would have been no one to purge. Comey is one of the finest of the breed. Among other things, he’s the guy who, as Ashcroft’s second in command when Big John was sidelined in hospital, refused to authorize the NSA spying. He’s also the guy who appointed Fitzgerald to look into the Plame affair, and insisted on giving him genuine independence. His testimony tomorrow is sure to be, as Marcy asserts in dazzling understatement, “very interesting”.

If you’re a junkie on this scandal like me, her timeline is a helpful tool for ordering what has become an intimidatingly chaotic landscape. If you’re just getting up to speed, it’ll point you to a few of the threads to start googling along to get the story the mainstream press had been missing for years, while it built up in the blogosphere. Rest assured, Gonzales’s discomfiture did not spring full-blown from the brow of the Senate Judiciary Committee last month.