Moaning through the trees

November 1, 2007

Most of this blues lyric came to me about four years back. Since when I’ve taken in, let out, otherwise tinkered, and now it seems about right. There’s a tune I have in mind, loosely based on a cut from a Dave Van Ronk album I haven’t heard in forty years; but any old twelve bar blues should fit well enough. Since the name “Coffee Blues” is already taken, this one is called “Day By Day Blues”.

Woke up this morning, but my blues they woke up first.
Woke up this morning, my blues they woke up first.
Had coffee on the burner,
Blacker than a curse.

Well, hello, blues, I guess you know my name.
Good mornin’ blues, I believe you know my name.
You don’t have to tell me
The reason why you came.

The first cup brimmed with sorrow, second almost cried.
I said the first cup preached on sorrow, the second testified.
Just to crack a smile, sometimes
It tears you up inside.

Thanks for the coffee, I’d like a little cream.
Well, thanks for the mocha, mister, now I’ll take a little cream.
“Aw, son, you must be
Livin’ in a dream.”

Lay down this evening, never slept a wink.
Lay down this evening, I could not sleep a wink.
Too much of that coffee
Drive a man to drink.

Night wind’s a rambler, moaning through the trees.
The night wind is a rambler, goes moaning through the trees.
Well, I stood up to the blues
But I was standing on my knees.

Always get the hambone, never get the grease.
Always get the hambone, never get the grease.
I’m livin’ day by day,
Dyin’ piece by piece.


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