New Improved Independence Day: NOW! With more Independence!

July 4, 2007

This is a day to reflect and be thankful for the great gift of liberty bestowed on us by our Founders and Framers.

But let us not neglect to be thankful and reflect on how much more independence America enjoys today than we had on July 4, 2000, a mere seven years ago.

First came December 12, 2000, when the Supreme Court granted occupancy of the White House independence from votes actually cast at the ballot box.

Shortly, federal expenditures gained independence from federal revenues. Capital gains and dividends gained independence from tax rates nearly equal to those of wages. The EPA gained independence from protection of the environment, OSHA from health or safety, FEMA from emergency management, the White House from all forms of congressional oversight.

Then came September 11, when we were attacked by those who hated us for our freedoms. Our benevolent rulers responded by granting unprecedented levels of freedom — to themselves. Freedom from Geneva Conventions, freedom from the United Nations Charter, freedom to have individuals of their choice kidnapped, disappeared and tortured. “Free speech zones” granted powerful politicians independence from dissenting voices any closer than half a mile away. We were all granted independence from the first, second, fifth, sixth, and eighth amendments to the Constitution; and, God knows (as well as the NSA, assuming a practical difference remains between NSA and God), from the fourth. The burden of a guaranteed right to habeas corpus was lifted from our shoulders by a freedom-loving Congress. Through Justice-to-be Samuel Alito’s clever invention of the signing statement, the President was granted independence from “faithful execution of the laws”.

And as we learned in decision after decision last week, the Supreme Court for the next twenty or thirty years will enjoy unfettered independence from legal precedent.

So Americans have a lot to be grateful for today. Let the burgers be burned and let the rockets be lit.

And in the fullness of time – because if we ever manage to subject ourselves once again to the chains of the rule of law and the bondage of our founding ideals , it will take decades of patient political labor – let us burn with genuine patriotism, relight Jefferson’s flame of liberty, and recover our soul.


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