Mammon and Moloch

July 2, 2007

One of these days, I promise, I’m going to update my Link Column to show at least all of the sites I visit every week. But for tonight, I just want to welcome to the nicteis blogroll a fledgling enterprise called mammonandmoloch. The proprietors are friends of mine who are as active locally and as thoughtful globally as anyone I know. I expect some quirky, serious, occasionally playful commentary that takes several steps back from the usual fare of the left wing noise machine that I myself love perhaps too dearly.

Mammon and Moloch, for the non-biblical among my readers, are the deities in whom the Bushian brand of Christianity (perhaps unwittingly) places its trust, and to whom it consequently devotes its service. Mammon is the well-known god of wealth, of whom Jesus said, “No man can serve two masters… you cannot serve God and Mammon.” Down through the centuries, that has not stopped myriads who sincerely believed themselves to be Christian from trying. The best advice is not always the most tempting.

Moloch was the Canaanite god who attracted more of Jehovah’s spleen than any other. The cult’s distinctive feature (which some scholars take cum grano salis) was Moloch’s demand for a fire sacrifice of his devotee’s children. He is to be pictured as a great, roaring, fiery maw into which innocents are cast, in hopes of obtaining his favor and protection. In our own time, naturally, Moloch springs full-grown from the brow of Rambo and John Wayne, incarnated as the American faith in the redemptive power of violence. As our touching, every-renewed childlike trust that if only we kill all the bad guys fast enough, without bothering our pretty little heads too much over how many innocent bystanders, or how many of our own brave youths, die in the crossfire, then the holy power of high explosives and manliness will keep us secure in our counting-houses and safe in our beds. Or all of us, at any rate, rich enough not to have to die on a battlefield.

The new link is tucked under “Friends and Company” to the right.


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