Populism done right

June 21, 2007

Twenty-some years after Dylan recorded “Sundown on the Union”, the matters he lamented had only changed for the worse. At that point James McMurtry recorded “We Can’t Make It Here Anymore”. Three years further on, thanks to YouTube, I’ve finally caught up with his video, a little masterpiece of populist truth in propaganda. He puts it all together in a righteous vernacular, without the least echo of A.N.S.W.E.R., even less of DLC. But I do sense a powerful whiff of Woody Guthrie withal. The country wasn’t ready for this song when he recorded it. But, buckos,  it’s ready now.

I’m just an old fart, lost musically in a sea of vinyl folk rock, and I hadn’t heard any of Mr. McMurtry. I mean to hear more of him.

Lyrics here.


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