The Kandy Kolored Citronella Flaked Slimelined Baby

June 9, 2007

nudibranch cuthona behrensi

You can talk about your Amazonian butterflies, your Cuban hummingbirds, your Costa Rican poison tree frogs. But for sheer variety in bejewelled unearthly beauty, give me sea slugs every time.

The more polite name for them is nudibranchs, and they’re seemingly endless in their variety. My attention was drawn to them again when the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute announced the discovery of five nudibranch species at a whack. One of them was Cuthona behrensi, pictured above. (Click here for the larger original, and here for a pdf file including medium sized pics of all five.)

While trolling the net for that pic, I stumbled across the delightful slugsite.us, and in particular its Opistobranch of the week gallery. Take a leisurely browse, and you’ll be looking at those plodding plug uglies in your garden with a new respect. They may be poor relations, but they come from a royal family.


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