Where there’s smoke

March 21, 2007

US Attorney Carol Lam, who was prosecuting the Duke Cunningham case, officially notified the DoJ on May 10 2006 that she would be issuing a subpoena to “Dusty” Foggo, the hastily retired number two at the CIA, who had fingers in every military and intelligence pork pie in Washington. The very next day, now hastily retired Kyle Sampson wrote the notorious email declaring that “we have a real problem right now with Carol Lam”, and that Justice should be prepared to axe her the moment her current term ended.

This is what is known as a smoking gun.

On Monday, George W. had reached such a pitch of desperation over Purgegate that he made a speech in which he characterized Karl Rove, a sleaze specialist widely lionized by Republicans primarily for his ability to limbo lower than an earthworm’s belly at the drop of a push poll, as an “honorable public servant”. (Tragically, taping of Hannity’s show had to be delayed for half an hour while the host recovered from a laughing fit.)

This is what is known as a smirking gun.


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  1. […] Lam, you’ll recall, was the US Attorney for the southern (San Diego) district of California, who was among the eight fired on Gonzales’s Day of Infamy. She had successfully prosecuted the Duke Cunningham case, and was following the threads of corruption. As we learned from the first DoJ document dump, when the threads reached Kyle “Dusty” Foggo, the campaign to oust her accelerated. […]

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