Poetry archive 5

February 2, 2007


Once on the brink of dream I met
You as the heart of a hollow tree
And I took you for the world, I let
The world interpret you to me.

While all the songbirds slept, I woke
And read beneath the lamp
Your face in the revolving cards,
Your lips in the rainbird’s chant.

I studied you in all my rooms
I bided all my time
And watched you slowly taking shape
And died for the design.

You came to me one night, while I
Was questioning a snail.
I made you wait, I dared not lose
His intimate detail.

I could have loved you perfectly
Before the path to you grew steep.
Your mysteries exceed you now,
Your smile can’t bring me sleep.

Now you must wait til we are old.
Return to me this Sunday week
And I’ll take you, for the world, and let
All the unending secrets keep.

April 1969


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