Bush’s new breed of rape shield law

October 4, 2006

While we’re discussing signing statements, here’s a great catch by Daisy Cutter at dailykos.

By overwhelming bipartisan majorities, Congress in 2003 passed a law empowering the aggressive investigation of instances of prison rape. Bush’s signing statement reserved the President’s right to stonewall any such investigation.

In more halcyon days, rape shield laws were intended to protect victims. Bush’s idea of a rape shield law is apparently one which enables the government to protect those noble Americans who have raped prisoners on behalf of the state.

When the Torture Act of 9/28/06 was passed, it detailed a very short list of acts prohibited to the President: torture (however the President chooses to define it), murder, maiming, and rape. If, however, rape should be used as a torture technique in defiance of the Torture Act, the 2003 signing statement permits the President to guarantee that the act will never be investigated.

Say what you will about Chancellor Bush. This is a guy who thinks ahead. He had the foresight to carve out exemptions from the meager constraints of his own Torture Law, three years before he knew he would get the Reichstag to pass it.



  1. It’s amazing the information you can get out of someone after you have raped them.

    Will Mark Foley be heading the program?

  2. No matter how much he begs, I’m afraid Mark will just have to get in line behind the other applicants. (Perhaps I should rephrase that?)

    Just as Foley headed up the GOP internet predator protection program, we may expect this one to be led by a cadre of deeply repressed forty year old virgins. They’ve got those College Republican rolls from the eighties, a handy and target-rich recruitment ground.

  3. Thank You

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