The President is dead. Long live the Chancellor.

October 3, 2006

It’s been a colorful bunch of weeks since this blog went into radio silence, hasn’t it?

The most important story, of course, eclipsing all else by its mind-staggering, soul-sucking magnitude, was the official declaration by virtually all Republicans and too bloody many Democrats that from now until All Evil Is Utterly Vanquished And The President Tells Us So, America shall stand foursquare and proud on the world stage for Mom, apple pie, and um, let’s see – oh, yes. For disappearings, life imprisonment, torture, and execution by kangaroo courts, all on the whim of the King.

Like every other American with a conscience or a sense of history, I spent the last couple weeks of September calling down almost every bolt of blue lightning on Harry Reid that I’d ever called down on George W. Bush. How could someone fail to raise a filibuster over the most egregiously anti-American legislation to pass through the Capitol dome since Reconstruction? I wasn’t going to contribute another dime to these slugs, much less waste shoe leather on them. What’s the difference between the party of “Hey, I’ve got a keen idea! Let’s tell the world that torture is the great new American value!”, and the party of, “Oh, okay, if you really want to, I won’t deny you your fun”?

It was when I saw the final vote in the Senate that I began to calm down a bit, rage modulating into mere anguish. Twelve Dem senators cast “ayes” for this abomination. Yes, that’s depressing, dispiriting, and disgusting. But what was Reid going to do? When he went around and did his whip count, and found he was eight votes in the hole for sustaining a filibuster, the writing was on the wall. No power on earth could have breathed life into that filibuster. The USA was about to become a tyranny; the Congress was about to transform itself voluntarily into the Reichstag, presiding over its own fundamental castration. The Republic had suffered an unavoidable, indefinite suspension.

Reid was effectively hooded and shackled. I don’t find it hard to imagine that he was calling down the same blue bolts on himself that I was. So what remained to do? Anything that could possibly help toward the goal of restoring the Republic, beginning in November.

A thousand liberal blogs have pointed out the utter folly of caving to Bush for fear of being attacked as “weak on terrorism”. And yes, it’s true. No matter whether one caves or does not cave, one will be attacked, viciously, continuously, mendaciously, gleefully, as “weak on terrorism”. It’s a gimme, an axiom, as sure as the phases of the moon or a dog returning to its vomit. It’s what Republicans have always done, will always do, and actual votes and facts will never have any bearing whatsoever on their dedication to the canard, or on the media’s ritual echo thereof.

But voters do, sometimes, pay attention to actual votes (if not actual facts). Since Dems have made no effort over the preceding months to educate voters on the actual facts, and since the hour is so late, there was no way to turn the boat around. Democratic candidates will crash into the “weak on terror” reef, and last minute attempts to explain why Bush has done everything to encourage terrorism, short of lending Osama the Nimitz and the GOP’s direct mail operation, will only fall flat. There was some hope, however, of focusing voters’ attention on the economy, on Iraq – and now, it appears, on the blitheness with which Republicans will shield sexual predators.

That hope was magnified by not raising a fuss in advance of the inevitable defeat on the torture bill. Whether the small advantage so gained will be enough to offset the sense of betrayal among the Democratic – and the libertarian – base, remains to be seen. The sacrifice the party leadership is now asking from us, to campaign as if the Democrats actually stood for liberty and the rule of law, is painful. But the shades of Paine and Jefferson and Adams, and all those who have fought for democracy for two centuries, call us to the same sacrifice. If we can’t do it for the current leadership, we can do it for them.

It should never have come to this. If Dems had shown the spine to talk truth about the “war on terror”, and to defend the Constitution, in the preceding months, it would not have come to this. But a show of spine exactly at this juncture, gratifying as it would have been to every patriot, would have been counterproductive. (I am saying this excuses Reid, in some small measure, for not mounting a filibuster. In no way can it excuse the faithless twelve who championed torture and the denial of habeas corpus. They, especially the handful whose seats were already securely blue, must be dealt with in primaries to come; and Lieberman especially must be defeated this year.)

After 9/28, a day far blacker in our history than 9/11, we can no longer refer to Bush as “President”. With the advent of the DC Reichstag, he has assumed the position of Chancellor. It will not be appropriate to call him “Fuehrer” until such time as Congress, instead of merely stripping itself of effective power, formally dissolves itself. And that is unlikely to happen before another major jihadist attack on the Homeland, or the consolidation in ’08 of an additional four years of neocon rule. But Chancellor fits.

Like Saint Ronald told us, it’s morning in America. Specifically, the year which has just dawned is 1931. As deeply as they have disgraced themselves, the Democrats are now the only force standing between us and the dawn of 1933 in two more years.

Shoe leather, don’t fail us now.


One comment

  1. I don’t know how anything could diminish the importance of 9/11 in the epilogues of the creation of the American Fascist State…no torture bill, no removal of liberty whatever can compare with the utter removal of the lives that were lost on that day…it all heralds back to that central issue for me and millions of other Americans who see right through this Bozo.


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