The nutmeg of isolation

July 11, 2006

Let’s see, now. Forearms bulging like Popeye’s as he twisted delegate’s arms at the state convention couldn’t keep his challenger Ned Lamont off the primary ballot. Not by a factor of two. Hillary led a slowly swelling parade of prominent Dems who have said they will support the party’s nominee from the Connecticut primary, whoever that may be. His campaign ads have turned out to be unintentionally funny; while Ned’s latest displays winningly self-deprecatory humor.

And one can just picture the woe on that classic nutcracker face of his, upon learning that Joe Biden accidentally on purpose missed the train that was going to carry him to the Real Democrats Follow Orders Rally for Little Joe, disappointing the nearly thirty enthusiastic supporters who did show up.

Chuck Lawhorn, bassist for the great Celtic band Iona, suggests:

If Lamont wins the primary, he should run an ad showing someone in a “Connecticut for Lieberman” t-shirt walking in to a restaurant, and the host asking, “Party of one?”


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