Fobbit holes on parade

June 16, 2006

Be vewy, vewy quiet… we’re hunting fobbit holes.

George Bush never tires of reciting the mantra, “As they stand up, we’ll stand down.” But he doesn’t expect them to stand up for some decades to come, as he demonstrates by authorizing the construction of a dozen permanent military bases around Iraq.

Friends Committee on National Legislation has served up a web page with a handy map of the dozen bases built or under construction. Mouse over the “x” to get additional text information on each little GI town.



  1. Curious or alarming that there is only one base in the part of the country most likely to go up in anti American flames should we attack Iran. In any event these are just crusader castles, no more, no less. And sadly will suffer the same fate as the originals be it in years or decades, the west never learns. JMO Doug

  2. Interesting point, unitedcats.

    I think even the Crusaders would have been bright enough to set up a chain of castles along their main supply line. When SCIRI goes for our throats, how much fun will we have conveying logistics through Syria or the mountains of Turkey?

    Much of the West has learned, methinks. The U.S. is apparently the baby of the family, still bumping its head on its way through kindergarten.

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