Reporters, too, have the right to remain silent

June 15, 2006

All the reporters at Gitmo were tossed out yesterday, per Rummy’s orders, in the wake of the triple suicide by inmates. Their sin appears to have been writing up not only Admiral Harris’s spin, but also the reactions of the detainees’ lawyers. Harris notoriously declared, “I believe this was not an act of desperation, but an act of assymetrical warfare waged against us.” One wonders whether the neocons, in a brilliant tactical coup, will now retaliate with their own act of warfare against Al Qaeda, by committing mass suicide themselves?

Editor & Publisher reports that the rebuffed news services are neither happy nor impressed. In the interpretation of some, the summary ejection smacks of panic. My interpretation? Seeing as how Rummy’s “Enemy” – that is to say, civil libertarians and what remains of the free press – has the howitzers of truth on its side, and the neocons have only the popguns of lies, secrecy, and repression on theirs, they find themselves enmeshed in an asymmetrical conflict. And so the poor dears must resort to whatever poor weapons are available to them.


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