A brief requiem for AuH20

May 31, 2006

How far Republicanism has sunk from the days of Goldwater. Among today’s GOP, Feingold’s attempt to censure the President’s lawbreaking constitutes extremism in the defense of liberty, to be decried and shouted down. But a mere call for investigation, a mere Mittyesque request that the President spell out just which of our liberties have been taken away, is enough to call down elephantine wrath.

A great many Republicans on the sidelines understand and are appalled at the damage being done to our system of government, from Bob Barr to the Cato Institute to John Dean to numerous former Reagan officials. Appreciation is due to them all for rising above partisanship in the name of patriotism. But among its elected officials, Barry’s party today stands firm for the principle that any defense of liberty is a vice.


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