Latest from the Proliferator-In-Chief

April 7, 2006

For all its incompetence, the Bush administration has achieved a remarkable consistency in one thing: all its policies tend to maximize the quantity of nuclear weapons running around loose in the world, and to minimize the world’s ability to control them. (The same is true for chemical and biological weapons, but that’s another story.) Whether it’s

  • the initial slashing of funds for Nunn-Lugar, the US program which dismantles retired Soviet nuclear weaponry; or
  • the refusal to raise that funding past its old levels; or
  • the go-ahead-I-dare-you attitude Bush initially took toward North Korea’s nuclear program; or
  • the trashing of the nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia, renegotiating it so that no nukes would actually have to be retired until the very end of the treaty period; or
  • the blessing given to India’s nuclear program; or
  • the official policy asserting that we will engage in first use of nuclear weapons if we like, even against non-nuclear powers; or
  • Rumsfeld’s push to get atomic weaponry launched into orbit; or
  • the so far failed effort to get Congress to approve the use of tactical nukes as bunker busters or
  • attacking Iraq, a country which the White House knew had no nuclear program, thus serving notice on any hostile state without WMDs that it will be accused of harboring WMDs and attacked unless it actually has them, so it had better hurry up and procure them ASAP

– and I’ve probably forgotten a few – all salient decisions have encouraged countries to proliferate. And all (like the refusal to fully inspect port cargo, as Democrats have proposed in every Congressional year) encourage terrorists to revel in the manifold sources of nuclear weapons, and in the ease of transporting them to American targets.

Now the LA Times reports that Bush plans to start manufacturing 250 new nuclear bombs a year. A clear signal continues to go forth into all the world: Hey, all you little countries out there, wondering whether or not to crank up your uranium centrifuges: Uncle Sam’s words say to do as we say, not as we do; but Uncle Sam’s doings say to do as we do, not as we say for you to do.

It’s only one more faggot on an already raging bonfire. But I would breathe easier if the President could try to be a little less consistent.


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